Such a motivated and friendly group. I was nervous that I wouldn’t be good enough. It turns out that if you turn up then you’re good enough! It’s not about your speed but being willing to be on a journey. Just turn up and see if it suits you. Read more.

Helen Jackson

I came along to track night a few months ago. I’ve ran for years but hardly get faster and my goal has always been to achieve a half marathon in under two hours. Track has been amazing. Friendly supportive people all just doing their best, non competitive apart from with yourself. Paul and Marc mix it up each week and I’ve easily knocked 30secs off my average mile which is so good. The half is a month away now and I’m on track to do it but even if I don’t I’ve enjoyed running again so much. Huge thanks Active Soul. Read more.

Karen Cooke

I started with Active Soul September 2017. I thought I could run… boy was I wrong!!! The coaches are amazing and have really taught me to look at the way I run and shown me ways to improve my technique. They have boost my confidence massively and when I have had moments of panicking they always support me through them. The whole team is brilliant and we all work great together. I would 100% recommend anyone to join. Read more.

Laura Neale

I’ve been with Active soul since the day it started. I’ve loved every minute of being a part of this group. Paul and Marc have helped me knock over a minute a mile off my average pace and encourage and inspire me every week. Now we are at a place where we have something great and I love to watch it grow and watch more people progress. Many thanks guys and to everyone who help motivate me every week xx Read more.

Hannah Goldie