Shawnika Sergeant

Hi, my name is Shawnika A.K.A Shawni. I am a qualified Sports Therapist BSc Hons MSST. Graduated from the University of Gloucestershire in 2012 and worked with a number of football and rugby clubs during my first year of graduating, on the pitch and from my clinic, Up and Running Sports Therapy Clinic in Bristol.

I have always had an interest in running, but unfortunately it hasn’t always been plain sailing. A knee injury prevented me from running in 2013, and at the end of 2016 and the first six months of 2017, I have experienced shin splints. All down to my running style and footwear, I continue to battle with the pain and identify the cause whilst on small runs, changing the terrain to see if it was the road that had impact on the shins rather than the grass.

April, I had an amazing opportunity I couldn’t turn down and that was to provide post massage to the talented people who entered the London Marathon, the atmosphere surrounding the runners was spectacular, cheering everyone on and lifting spirits even when they were in pain and the finishing line was near. I enjoyed hearing the runners stories, of why they entered, their experience, who they were raising money for and how many times they’ve completed a marathon and any future plans to complete another.

Since then I have run the Bristol 10k with my Fiancé and his best friend in May 2017. Signed up to my first ever Half Marathon in Cardiff, as well as a 10 mile off road run and the London Marathon. All because I wanted to challenge myself and overcome my fears, test my body’s limits and train the mind to never give up, even when it wants to stop and walk home.

I met Paul Dennett in October 2016, when he came to my Sports Therapy Clinic with a calf injury. We spent the whole session talking about our goals and what activities we enjoy taking part in. Since then we haven’t gone a week without talking, with Paul helping me to achieve my running goals and in return, me helping him to remain injury free throughout 2017.

During his session he talked to me about a crazy idea he had for his 40th birthday and the chosen charity he was raising money for along with two friends. I couldn’t help but offer my help during the endless training sessions running up to the event and during the 3-day challenge itself. After 320 miles of swimming, cycling and running and reaching a grand total of £9,500 for the Children’s Hospice South West the emotions finally settled down. It was at that point Paul came up with the amazing idea of creating a company to help those who would like to become more active, and take part in an activity with people within their community. Being the kind of person I am, I couldn’t say no to such a lovely opportunity.

So here we are, putting our ideas together and working with sporting professionals to help people achieve goals they thought they couldn’t reach on their own.

Shawni x

‘Get Active, Get Active Soul UK’