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Join Active Soul UK’s Monthly Membership today, to gain full access to our members area and closed Facebook group. You’ll be able to listen to our monthly podcasts and vlogs filled with information on running advice, swimming, cycling, nutrition, exercises, injuries etc from our sports professionals. Partake in our monthly community running group, with friendly and likeminded people helping you to achieve your goals.

Option 1: (Unavailable at present)

One off payment of £19.99 includes your monthly subscription of £5.99 and a years registration with England Athletics of £14.00, then a monthly membership of £5.99 thereafter. England Athletics members will receive a minimum of £2 discount on UKA licenced road and multi-terrain events.

Option 2:

Monthly subscription of £5.99 (excluding discounts for running events licenced through the UKA). Please use the link below for this option.



  • Entry discounts (minimum £2) on UKA licenced running events
  • 10% off Treatment and Sports Massages at Up & Running Sports Therapy Clinic – (excludes concession fees)
  • Free weekly structured running session (every Thursday)

Sign up today for £5.99 per month, 50% donated to Children’s Hospice South West!

Please take a minute, to complete the PAR-Q form located below prior to signing up. This medical questionnaire is a simple self-screening tool which should be completed by anyone looking to start an exercise program or increase their current level of physical exercise. Thank you!


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